3DS Objects lost materials/names? (By jeffmorris)

3DS Objects lost materials and names?

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andnbsp; By jeffmorris ( on Thursday, July 26, 2001 – 03:29 pm: andnbsp;

I imported andquot;Dash92000andquot; and andquot;Scotsman2000andquot; 3DS files from the Samples folder under the MSTS folder and I think that they lost materials and object names. Jeffrey.

andnbsp; By Mike Pye ( on Thursday, July 26, 2001 – 05:01 pm: andnbsp;


Just in case you tried this as a result of my comment to Richard in another folder…. they do, but that wouldn’t have mattered for what he wanted to do. You might like to check out Richard’s response to me. I don’t have the mentioned SDK, but would/will be interested to see if it works.


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