3DCrafter 9.2 Beta 2 Available

3DCrafter 9.2 Beta 2 is now available for download: Download 3DCrafter 9.2 Beta 2[/url:2iw84feb]

I have implemented a new navigation system that allows you to avoid using the Navigation Control, if you wish. Three new buttons have been aded to the edit toolbar for Orbin/Pan/Zoom. When one of these are selected, the navigation control will not be available, and selection will not be possible until selection mode is again chosen.

3DCrafter 9.2 can co-exist with 3D Crafter 9/8/7. There shouldn’t be any conflicts.

Since this is a beta release, please report all bugs on this topic. Thanks.

[u:2iw84feb]What’s New in 3DCrafter 9.2[/u:2iw84feb]

[list:2iw84feb][*:2iw84feb][b:2iw84feb]Pan navigation[/b:2iw84feb]

Click on a location and drag, and the location clicked on moves to the new location of the mouse pointer.

[*:2iw84feb][b:2iw84feb]Orbit navigation[/b:2iw84feb]

The orbit location is chosen by sampling what is in the center of the view, which is the area most likely to be currently being worked on.

[*:2iw84feb][b:2iw84feb]Zoom navigation[/b:2iw84feb]

Identical to the current zoom on the navigation control, but is "control-less".

[*:2iw84feb][b:2iw84feb]Zoom to extents[/b:2iw84feb]

Expand the current view to view the entire model

[*:2iw84feb][b:2iw84feb]Performance Improvements[/b:2iw84feb]

Performance has been improved approximately 15%

[*:2iw84feb][b:2iw84feb]C# Export Plug-in Sample[/b:2iw84feb]

A sample of a Wavefront OBJ exporter written in C# is provided.


[u:2iw84feb]Known issues with 3DCrafter 9.2 Beta 2[/u:2iw84feb]


For the next beta, I’m considering providing "standard/advanced" configurations for 3DCrafter. Or perhaps "beginner/standard/advanced". There are a lot of features that could be removed to simplify 3DCrafter for beginners. I believe it is worthwhile doing. My only concern is how to modify documentation and tutorials to reflect the differences.

Can I get a full version of 3D Canvas 6? That is the last version I used that worked fully. 3crafter8 works as well but the working md2 exporter is more valuable to me.


I am finding that 9.2 is not as stable as 9.1. It will often become unresponsive and then crash.

Please tell me if you need me to try anything specific.


I’ve sen you a pm with a link.


Right now, I’m looking for cases where 3DCrafter 9.2 consisently fails.

Probably been there for a while but when I scale the backbone of one of the standard skeletons it moves the hip bones to the end of the backbone with an unfortunate result.
[attachment=0:1yd1fa6l]<!– ia0 –>bone1.jpg<!– ia0 –>[/attachment:1yd1fa6l]

Is the orbit much different to the middle mouse drag?

Also I don’t seem to be able to use the mouse wheel to zoom with 9.2.

Orbit is supposed to be more &quot;clever&quot; than the middle drag, in that it is supposed to base itself on your current focus. It probably will be more clever in the future.

Yes, I had that problem with the scroll wheel also. I’ll look into it.

Paul, I was wondering if you can compile the sample without errors now. It seems that it should work now. If not, what have I missed?

Hi Richard,

I had the C# exporter working – I had to change a couple of paths and a file name in the csproj file with notepad last time to make it compile, just installing on an XP system now to test the new copy.

Had a few problems with a drive misbehaving but finally got it installed:

9.2 does not appear very stable on my XP system.

Mouse wheel crashes 3DC

Mouse move over the area showing the texture thumbnails in the Texture library control crashes with a runtime error 0 in 3DCMaterial92 (ocx or user control crash)

The c# sample in the latest version seems to have the same problems in VC# express

In WavefrontOBJ.csproj the realtive path references to the Interop assemblies go up one level too high
&lt;Reference Include=&quot;Interop.ACHF, Version=, Culture=neutral, processorArchitecture=MSIL&quot;&gt;
&lt;Reference Include=&quot;Interop.ACSG, Version=504.0.0.0, Culture=neutral, processorArchitecture=MSIL&quot;&gt;
&lt;Reference Include=&quot;Interop.TDCPlugin, Version=, Culture=neutral, processorArchitecture=MSIL&quot;&gt;
&lt;Reference Include=&quot;Interop.TDCScripting, Version=, Culture=neutral, processorArchitecture=MSIL&quot;&gt;

and near the end:

&lt;Compile Include=&quot;WavefrontExportImport.cs&quot; /&gt;
&lt;Compile Include=&quot;WavefrontOBJCS.cs&quot; /&gt;

The last file does not exist, though WavefrontOBJ.cs does exist.


Very strange. It’s like you got the same installation file again. Maybe my upload didn’t work. I don’t really know.

HI There,

When I am completing a model for MSTS that has a polycount in excess of 30,000 I find when animating components in 3DC 9.1, I am getiing frequent &quot;program has stopped working&quot; messages which is taking up loads of time while I have to re-load 3DC and displaying the components I wish to animate.

Is this a bug?
is there a plan to fix this fault?

I had this problem with 9.0 and hoped it would be fixed with 9.1


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