3DCanvas v8.1 Bend/Warp/Taper

Hey guys, It’s been a very long time since I was last here, and I’ve noticed that in v8.1 of 3DCanvas the Bend, Warp, and Taper operations are way different. Actually I dont see a Warp at all, but do any of the versions after v8.1 have the dialog view boxes for Bend and Taper like what was in v6.6?

Thanks for any help as I am lost with the new ops,

They need to be selected in options – operations
They are still present in 9.04 and 8.2.7

bigpeter, Thanks for the reply but I think you misunderstood. In earlier versions like v6.6 there was an actual viewport type box/window that would open and you could view the model as you made changes with the Bend and Taper operations. Then when you completed the ops and clicked "OK" it applied the effects to your model in the main viewport window. Thats what I don’t see in v8.1. If the boxes/windows for those ops have been discontinued it’s cool. I’ll just download and earlier version for those.

Thanks again.

emm, not operations I have used, but they are still available in the shape operations window on the left hand side in 8.1.7 and 9, after you have switched them on in the options panel.
theres deform – taper etc
warp brings up a control box and Twist plus does. (window)

Thanks again bigpeter. I solved the problem by upgrading to 3DCrafter v9. All good now.,

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