3DC can’t find POV-Ray 3.6

3DC Pro claims that POV-Ray is not installed (it most assuredly is!), and there is no option anywhere in 3DC that I can find to tell it where POV-Ray is.



Sorry to hear your having trouble Mel. As much as I use POV, I’d be devistated!!Did it just suddenly stop? Could it be your I/O settings in POV? I’ll be watching to see what comes of this.

Since Richard’s pretty busy with 7.0 and I didn’t feel like bothering him about it off the forum, I went back to using Pov-Ray 3.5 for now. There wasn’t anything I really needed in 3.6 anyway. <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>

I don’t know why 3DC can’t find 3.6, but since it works just fine with 3.5, I can live with that.


Sorry for the delay in this post, work and all you know… I’m running 3.6 and it seems to be fine, sorry I couldnt be more help, hope you get it figured out, a new beta is out I believe so a new release maybe soon? hmmmm….

I know this is an old post. 2003…and it is now 2008. But I thought I would post this for anyone who may come on here wondering the same thing I was. If you are using 3DC Pro. And downloaded the newest version of POVRay –
Beta POV-Ray 3.7 you will get an error message saying that it is not installed. This is correct. For the POV-Ray 3.7 is NOT the program. IT is basically an add-on to take advantage of multi core systems (IE:AM2/AM2+ processors) You will need to download POV-Ray version 3.6 which is the actual program itself. Make sure you have your project saved. Restart 3DC Pro. Then open your project back up. Then click on the POV-Ray button in the tool tray. It should now work.

I am having the problem described by the lead posting in this discussion. I have 3DC Pro and have installed POV-Ray 3.6.
When I click on the POV-Ray render button I get the error message:
‘POVRay was not found. 3DC requires POVRay version 3.5 or higher. Would you like to visit the POVRay web site for this free download?’
How can I get 3DC to recognize POV-Ray?

Yes – I can confirm this problem.

I just downloaded, installed and tried to use POV, but have exactly the same problem as the good doctor (I’ve never tried to use POV before).

Could this be because I’m using the 64 bit version of POV (running Vista 64)?

How does 3DC determine where to ‘look’ for POV – is this a user setting?

[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][div class=’ip-ubbcode-quote-title’]quote:[/div][div class=’ip-ubbcode-quote-content’]Originally posted by Mel_Ebbles:
3DC Pro claims that POV-Ray is not installed (it most assuredly is!), and there is no option anywhere in 3DC that I can find to tell it where POV-Ray is.


-Mel [/div][/BLOCKQUOTE]

Another user – still same issue…

Is there a fix ???


I’m having this same issue. The error says you need PovRay 3.5 or higher. I have PovRay 3.62 and it doesn’t seem to recognize it. I ran PovRay and it definately works just fine, but 3DC doesn’t see it.

Hi Bill,

I haven’t had a chance to look into it myself – but – I do recall a message in the forum stating the appropriate registry entry to point to POV… My thought was that maybe it is looking for an older version… I was going to try and find the entry to see what it is set to… Just my thought…


It seems that PovRay 3.6.2. makes different registry entries than older versions.

After installing PovRay 3.6.2. on my new installation of Windows 7, 3DC could not find PovRay any more.

On an other computer I have PovRay 3.6.1A installed and the registry entry is different as the PovRay 3.6.2. entry. See picture below.


As a workaround I copied the command line from the PovRay 3.6.2. entry,
in the PovRay 3.6.1A command line entry.

After that 3DC can find PovRay again. (Hurray!)

So either install PovRay 3.6.1A , which can be found [img:1j72azw9]ftp&#58;//ftp&#46;povray&#46;org/pub/povray/Old-Versions/[/img:1j72azw9]
or use my workaround.

And remember:



Forgot to mention, you need to install also PovRay 3.6.1A to get both registry entries in your registry.

Hi Gerrit,

Thanks – I hate when stuff doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to… LOL… I’ll play around with it when I get a chance…

Windows 7 – bleeding edge – eh ??? Hope it plays nice with 3DC… Good luck…


Hi Scott,

Windows 7 plays very nice with 3DC <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>



With the above screenshot, I noticed you are using the 64 bit version of povray.

I just installed povray 3.6.2 64 bit version. With your tip, it’s working from 3DC 7.1.2 snapshot icon on W7 64 bits.


I’ve got this fixed for the next version of 3DC. You will be able to have either version of POVRay.

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