3DC 8.2.5: Incorrect Position change / component properties

Open sample sent by email.

Ctrl click on the object (called VolantCr01).
Change in Component properties, say, the Y coordinate (for example 10.00).

Whatever the coordinates (world, object,…), the object is moving in an unexpected direction.

It’s because of its hierarchy. At least, in object coordinates, the object is expected to move, in this example, along its Y axis whatever its position in a group.

The model was made by removing many shapes. Even after 5 loads / save as, it’s still big.

There is definitely something wrong with 3DC’s "cleanup" of deleted shapes. I’ll fix it.

But, based on my understanding of how things should work, the position is correct. The x, y, z are based on the parent’s position and orientation. It looks right to me in this case.

I would like an enhancement to allow for positioning in world coordinates etc. That would be handy.

I fixed the problem with 3DC’s cleanup of deleted shapes, for the next release.

With respect to the group dependency, the position is certainly correct.
What is surprising is that changing Y and expecting the object to move vertically, it moves elsewhere.

So yes, an enhancement to allow for positioning in world coordinates etc.. would be nice.
But it could be difficult to keep it consistent with Component properties values…

Maybe at least in the component properties a check box would change the X, Y, Z and orientation values to world coordinates?

Yes, the new feature will happen. It’s one of those "missing" items that I want to correct.

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