2010 wishes

1) Material palette with 90° left or right rotation (it would ease a lot texturing as sometimes, to spare space in a texture file, texture are rotated; very useful!)

2) [i:18di43mx]UVMap taking into account the Material palette settings: Flip texture vertically / horizontally; 90° left or right rotation (or specific buttons in the UVMap and UVRemap window; Very useful!)[/i:18di43mx] [u:18di43mx] Implemented, at least, since 8.1.7[/u:18di43mx]

3) [i:18di43mx]UV Map / UV Remap larger window[/i:18di43mx] [u:18di43mx] Implemented in 3DC9[/u:18di43mx]

[i:18di43mx]4) Visible axis button removes the axes and also makes the yellow cube a lot smaller.[/i:18di43mx] [u:18di43mx]Changed in 8.1: point is smaller at short distance. [/u:18di43mx]

5) ‘Create Edge from selection’ operation: With right click, choice of how many points are created on each edge

6) Extrude tool
Image for xz plane

[i:18di43mx]Thinner red line[/i:18di43mx] [u:18di43mx]Changed in 8.1[/u:18di43mx]
[i:18di43mx]Green square replaced by a crossair[/i:18di43mx] [u:18di43mx]Changed in 8.1 (square stays small when zooming)[/u:18di43mx]
[i:18di43mx]Crosshairs and line keep the same size when zooming (no getting bigger)[/i:18di43mx] [u:18di43mx] Changed in 8.1[/u:18di43mx]
[i:18di43mx]Possibility to add a point on an existing red line (at least in the xy plane)[/i:18di43mx] [u:18di43mx]It was already in 7.1.2! It’s also possible to remove a control point.[/u:18di43mx]

7) Key to quickly change view (switch from perspective to orthographic and vice-versa)

8) Object movement with arrow keys should take the axis system into account (world, object, whatever,…).

9) Ability to have a 1mm step for object movement with arrow keys. Useful for object adjustment.

10) Boolean operations don’t reset textures or, at least, only changed faces have their texture reset.

11) Cube with rounded corners.

12) Settings for: Anti-aliasing level and anisotropic filtering level (to avoid profile creation especially when using ATI profiles)

13) UV map / remap with undo of last action.

14) UVmap / remap selection of several points like the group selection tool.

15) Tool to rename shapes (useful when cloning shapes)

16) Tool to search a shape name

17) Skinning like in Blender ( <!– m –><a class="postlink" href="http://www.blender.org/documentation/htmlI/x4135.html">http://www.blender.org/documentation/htmlI/x4135.html</a>&lt;!– m –> ). Something more flexible that what I implemented in the ShapeAlongFaces and ShapeAlongPoints scripts.

18) Ability to create a primitive object directly on an existing shape. For example, on a shape face, I could draw with the mouse (left click) the cube base and then move (right click) to add the height of the cube. While doing this, L x l x H dimensions are displayed and updated according to the primitive shape size changes.

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