Very pleased

The new contact form should reduce my work load considerably. I received so many spam support emails previously, and just sorting through them for real messages was time consuming. And, many emails were marked as spam even though they weren’t. I think this will improve support considerably.

A contact form, finally

The new website has allowed me to add something a long time coming: A contact form I had a contact form previously, but had to take it down because of problems with spam. Fortunately, this one has a built-in anti-spam feature.

New website is coming together

It’s taking longer than expected, but the new website is coming together. I probably need a few more days to integrate the content I really want to include. But, after today, I’ll probably have to take a break to do some “real” work.

Didn’t know how good I had it

I got hundreds of spam postings to the old forums, but I could keep it hidden from users. With the new forums they all get through. Supposedly there is something called “akismet” that is supposed to reduce the spam. It does next to nothing, as far as I can tell.

New website, new issues

One of the goals of the new website is to make it so that people can reliably post to the forums, without having to wait for the first post to moderated. Despite all the safeguards I have in place, I am still receiving spam. I hope that my anti-spam will learn from it’s mistakes and start to be a bit more reliable.

Forum conversion continuing

It turns out that all the attachments to the forum were lost during conversion. I’m working to fix the problem. The main problem is that the old attachments were actually lost due to a problem with the old forums. I’m trying to have them restored from backup.

Welcome to the all-new Amabilis website

Welcome to the all-new Amabilis website. New features will be introduced gradually, with the goal of providing more opportunities for users to share knowledge, and communicate with Amabilis Software.