And, we’re back…

We disappeared for an extended period due to a catastrophic database error. Thankfully I managed to find a very old backup so I could bring the site up again. We’ve lost a few years of forum posts, unfortunately. Apologies to everyone!

3DCrafter 10 Progress

I am at work on the latest version of 3DCrafter. I recently completed a major redevelopment of the “foundation” of 3DCrafter. It is now entirely written in C# and uses Direct3D 11. This was the first step towards an entirely updated version, which will be 3DCrafter 10. The first new feature for 3DCrafter 10 is voxel modelling. Voxels are 3D pixels. They can either be rendered as cubes, or automatically smoothed. Performance is quite good even with millions of voxels. I have completed this feature and am in the process of integrating it into 3DCrafter and at the same time […]

9.2.2 New Beta Available

I’ve released a new beta of 9.2.2. I hope this will end up being the released version. Any feedback on the new version would be appreciated.

Back to work

The new website is pretty close to being done. I’ll take a break from it now and get back to work on my main job: development and support.

Welcome to the all-new Amabilis website

Welcome to the all-new Amabilis website. New features will be introduced gradually, with the goal of providing more opportunities for users to share knowledge, and communicate with Amabilis Software.