9.2.2 Beta Available

I’m working on a project to improve the reliability of the install and stability. 9.2.2 is the first attempt. Because this has some changes that conceivably could cause problems I have released it as a Beta. I’d appreciate hearing how it works for people.

9.5 Underway – Windows 8

I’ve started work on 3DCrafter 9.5. The main goal will be to get ready for Windows 8. There isn’t much I need to do, but I want to make sure that installation works well. To improve this, I’m going to remove as many Windows dependencies as possible. There should be benefits in Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well.

Simplifying things… but at a price.

Some people are still having the “Error 91”. I’m considering doing a “simplification” procedure, to remove unnecessary Windows dependencies. The worst part is that I’d have to issue new license codes for some people. I’m not sure I want to do that. And, I’d probably have to limit 3DCrafter to Vista and higher. Any comments?

At long last… a solution to error 91.

For the past while the latest version of 3DCrafter has been failing on select computers; usually with error 91. It turns out that the problem was due to a compatibility issue between 3DCrafter and Windows User Account Control. I just released a new version that corrects the problem.